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Motor Rewinds For Improving Electric Motor Efficiency
Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into the mechanical one. They run on the principle fundamental of generating energy from alternate current (A/C) and direct current (D/C) respectively. Electric motors can be seen incorporated in different electrical equipments such as ceiling and industrial fans, blowers, pumps and house hold appliances like juicers, mixers and grinders, etc. amongst others.
However, the above mentioned electrical items need a rewind after a set time period. For example, motors in ceiling fans get damaged because of frequent and excessive collision between ball bearings that are there inside them. Therefore, it is vital to go for a rewinding process to keep such devices running.
Why Motor Rewinds are Required?
Electric motor rewinds are done primarily to improve the efficiency of an electric motor. However, motor rewinds are usually done to maintain the level of heat generated at the time, when motor is running. In the rewinding process motor plates are replaced with the new one. Lubricating motor parts at periodical intervals with a view to keep running motors for a longer period of time should be taken care of.
How to Examine a Motor for Rewinding?
Examining, whether an electric motor needs a rewind is a difficult process. However, the best way to know about the mechanical efficiency of a motor is by noticing its sound. If a motor makes cracking or a noisy sound repeatedly, it means that the motor requires a rewind. Usually, an electric motor stops working if such a sound comes frequently. Therefore, one should be very careful while running an electric motor device.
Skilled Technician for Motor Rewinding
Although, the process of motor rewinding is a simple affair, it requires expertise of a skilled technician. Therefore, it is important to take the guidance of a skilled technician who has a professional experience in dealing with the repair works of different kinds of electric motors. A sound technician will do a thorough check up of the entire motor before carrying out necessary repairing. Normally, a motor is rewound by changing its motor plate. However, other repairing procedures like oiling of the rest of motor components are done as a usual motor rewinding activity.