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Brand Name:Pittman
Place of Origin:USA
Model Number:GM8724S016

DC Brush Gearmotor
1.37" Diameter
19.5:1 ratio
41.5 oz-in Maximum Continuous Torque
117 oz-in Peak Torque (Note: Peak torque is provided for the purpose
of performance calculations only. Operation near, or at, a stalled
condition will result in motor and/or gearhead damage).
230 rpm No load speed
Torque Constant (Kt) = 6.18 oz-in / amp
Voltage Constant (Ke) = 4.57 v/krpm
Resistance (R) = 17 ohms
Inductance = 9.35 mH
Rated voltage: 24 volts
Encoder: None
Length (motor) = 3.67"
Unit supplied with ball bearing output shaft

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